On November 5, 2002, vote YES for Valley Independence from Los Angeles!  
Earl Howard for
San Fernando Valley City Council

Another Democrat for Valley Independence 
District 12 - North Hollywood / Toluca Lake Area 

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Recent Endorsements

West Hollywood Mayor Pro-Tempore Steve Martin
a native of Pacoima, California, endorses my candidacy for the San Fernando Valley City Council 12th council district.

Rev. Troy Perry, Founder and Moderator of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches endorses Earl Howard for the San Fernando Valley City Council 12th council district.  'If this passes, we need a progressive representative like Earl Howard serving the people of the new Valley city.

Brad D. Levenson
State Prosecutor 

West Hollywood Public Safety Commissioner Ruth Williams
Former two-term Rent Control Commissioner - City of West Hollywood. Member - Political Affairs Committee of the National Council of Jewish Women. Founder and Chair of Save our Sheriff.

Rev. Jeffrey Pulling
Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church in the Valley
Past Board Member and Vice President of San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council
"If we end up with a new Valley City, we will need progressive and clear-thinking persons like Earl Howard on the new City Council.  I heartily endorse Earl Howard for the Valley City Council District 12 position."

"..a progressive who will fight for rent control and a living-wage law in a Valley city.."

                       Los Angeles Times 10/31/02



Are you in District 12?


SFV City District 12 Map

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Did you know the San Fernando Valley did not get a dime of the $17 BILLION 2002 Federal HUD Grant because our borders do not touch the areas of LA that got all the money? This happens time and time again.

If we were our own city, thousands of young working and poor families in the Valley would have benefited from these funds.

Is it moral that the poor of the Valley suffer because Los Angeles is just too big?

Read more about this outrage here.


Do you want new Valley City services? Or continue to pay $127 million a year for no services at all?  The choice is yours!

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Earl Howard - A Progressive Voice for the East Valley

  • Repair Our Neglected Roads, Sidewalks and Infrastructure /  Begin to Underground Utility Lines

  • Protect Rent Control

  • Advocate for New Valley School District

  • Limit Growth of Burbank Airport -- add Valley Seats on Airport Board.

  • Invest in our own Police and Public Safety Infrastructure  

  • Develop New Parks, Botanical and Community Gardens and Green Space / 
    Massive Tree Planting Program

  • CITY-funded street light program for our many neighborhoods without lights

  • Improve Valley City Services - More Street Cleaning, Trash and Graffiti Removal -
    More Responsive City Government

  • Independent or Autonomous Valley Transit Authority (our own MTA)
    Protect Benefits of City Workers Moving to Valley City

With the $1.3 Billion we save by leaving LA, we can easily afford this and more! [more info]

Don't Buy the Lies of Downtown Los Angeles, the San Fernando 
Valley Independence Movement is Good for The Valley and Good for LA!