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ABC News Poll shows 58% of Valley voters support Valley Independence - 10/22/02

Imagine a city that is Safer, cleaner, better.

Violent crime in the Valley is up 80% this year. Gang Violence is up 90% in two years. Because of the waste at City Hall, Valley and Los Angeles communities don't receive the police and emergency services we need.

  • A Valley City will have 600 more police officers patrolling Valley neighborhoods. (The Valley currently pays for 2,062 police officers but only receives 1,455. As our own City we will receive the officers we pay for.) See Valley Budget

  • A Valley City will have more paramedics to respond to emergency calls.

  • A Valley City will have shorter emergency response times that could save your life.

  • That is why Valley Cityhood is endorsed by California COPS - the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs.

Imagine a city with good parks, responsive police and stronger communities.

An independent State Commission concluded that a Valley City is viable, will not require any increased taxes or decreases in services and Los Angeles will not be harmed. The opposition campaign is being dishonest about the facts. Don't believe their scare-tactics.
  • A Valley City will have plenty of money to provide better services and it will be a great city.

  • A Valley City will mean $1.3 billion of taxes we already pay will be available to improve the quality of life right here in the Valley. Meanwhile, LA will also get $1.3 billion over 20 years from existing taxes so they are not harmed.

  • Once a Valley City is formed, it will be easier to create a Valley School district. First a City, then a School District!

Imagine a City where businesses 
are thriving and good jobs are growing.

Los Angeles City has the highest business taxes in all of Southern California. Its unfriendly business climate has chased away quality businesses and good paying jobs. As a result poverty in Los Angeles and the Valley has grown worse than in any other areas. Poverty in the Valley is up 56%.
  • The Valley City will cut the existing business tax in half and bring back quality businesses and jobs. (See Valley Business Platform)

  • In a Valley City the documentary transfer tax is eliminated saving Valley Home buyers and sellers $30 million a year. This will improve home values.

  • A Valley City will bring more federal and state grants to the region.

  • A Valley City will mean better schools and a better prepared work force.

  • A Valley City will mean less red-tape and more job opportunities.

Valley Cityhood is endorsed by the:
The Valley Industry & Commerce Assoc.
SFV United Chambers of Commerce
SFV Business & Professional Assoc.
SFV Federation of Homeowner Assoc's
SFV Southland Regional Assoc. of Realtors
SFV Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce
Korean-American Federation of the SFV

David Fleming, Chairman, SFV Economic Alliance*
Al Castaneda, Vice President, Mexican American Political Association* 

Imagine a city where your tax dollars are not wasted and are used in your own neighborhood.

Research of  Major U.S. Cities by the Reason Foundation ranked Los Angeles city 44th out 45 in terms of waste and inefficient government. Other major southwest cities do much more with less taxes and the smaller  cities throughout LA County operate at about half the cost to run Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Los Angeles only spends 1% of its budget on the poor, while the top 48 City officials alone receive nearly 8 million dollars in salary and benefits.

  • A Valley City increases city spending for seniors by 300%, economic development by 20% and housing by 35% See Valley City budget

  • A Valley City will mean more money to improve neighborhoods and 600 more police officers.

  • A Valley City will have a healthy 5% annual reserve. See Valley City budget

  • Joel Fox, Former President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association endorses Valley Cityhood.

Imagine a city where public officials know your area, know your issues, and know you. A Valley City means greater local control over Valley priorities like police protection, emergency services, solving traffic congestion, providing for the poor and better schools. 
  • A Valley City will have its own Mayor and Council who live in the Valley.

  • A Valley City will have a smaller council districts. Your council person will live in your community and know your issues.

  • A smaller Valley City will be more accountable, more efficient and more responsive to residents.

Imagine a city that works.

A Valley City will do things different and better to improve your life.
  • A Valley City will have a full time City manager and staff that run the City like a business and serve as a customer service department to handle the public's problems.
  • Rent control and other protections will continue in a Valley City.
  • A Valley City will be less costly and provide better services.
  • A Valley City will be in a stronger position to create our own School District.

Imagine a City of our own

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Local Control * Lower Taxes * Better Services * Better Schools

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