"Butch" image by Joseph Cultice

Photo: Joseph Cultice

UPDATE 3/14/08: Thanks to Kristy for finding the long-lost picture of my sister Kim and her taken by Joe the same night as mine!



My Joseph Cultice Picture!

Before he became world renowned rock photographer Joseph Cultice, he took one of my favorite pictures of me from the 80's or any time for that matter. 

He's done amazing work with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Bjork, Blondie, Christina Aguilera, Gary Numan and many others.

At a long forgotten punk show at Phoenix's The Temple, (an old unused church on Central Avenue), Joseph set up an area off the main sanctuary/stage where he took a series of photos for Clean Magazine, a local art magazine, which I believe only published the one edition. 

When I find the magazine, I'll scan some of  Joseph's other pictures.

May 2003


Update 1/7/2004:

Hey Earl,

I saw your picture on the web last night while scanning for info on Joseph, and I knew immediately when and where the picture was taken. The picture was taken at a Social Distortion gig in March of 1984, and I helped Joseph set up his booth, and watched the procession of people filing in and out during the show. I also remember a incident at the end of the show where some the attendees got into it with the caretaker of the church, with the police later arriving on the scene amidst the chaos. Ahhh, the memories, it's all we have sometimes, but I remember your picture well, and I still have a couple of photos myself stashed away in a box somewhere in my garage. Best wishes to you and yours............................Brandon Faircloth, Rio Rico, Az.



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